Mr. Lucero’s Approach

A criminal conviction may easily affect a defendant for the rest of his or her life, threatening his or her freedom, future job opportunities, reputation and personal relationships. In making a decision about legal counsel, it is important that you understand your options and that you are given the honest, practical advice you need about your particular case. Therefore, Mr. Lucero can offer you experience in these areas of service, should you retain his services:

  1. An Aggressive Approach –  Mr. Lucero believes every case needs to be reviewed thoroughly. From the initial consultation until final disposition he will explore every option to get the best possible outcome for your case. He will aggressively fight to make sure your rights are not being violated by the Prosecution.
  2. Client Involvement – Mr. Lucero strongly believes that every client benefits greatly when they are kept informed throughout the entire legal process. He will make sure all of his clients have the information they need to make thoughtful, wise decisions. In addition, you can trust that he will inform you of your rights, advise you of your best legal options, and provide you with trusted guidance.
  3. Personal Attention – Mr. Lucero will make sure all information you provide me will stay confidential.  If he has any concerns in your case, he will take the time to talk to you to understand your concerns. 


 Mr. Lucero office is located in North Denver, Colorado and easily accessible from 38th and Federal.  For a  initial consultation about your legal matter call or email Mr. Lucero.